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Snowboard tour at Niigata 24 Jan, 2010

Jan.18~25,2010 - Food and Skiing in Niigata's Hot-spring Resorts by Chris

7:30 AM we having breakfast at the hotel then packing everything inside our rooms, prepare the snowboarding equipment as well, we must did it before 9:00 AM, becauseNHK ( "Nippon Hoso Kyokai" from Japan Broadcasting Corporation) will come to our hotel for interview our tour in Niigata.

They arrival a bite earlier, there are reporter, cameraman, sound recorder man total 3 guys, beside, a pretty lady Nahoko San come together with theNHK crew  member, she's the chief from theYUZAWA TOWN TOURIST ASSOCIATION, after Nahoko san give us some useful catalogues, leaflets and detailed briefing about Niigata, then all guys leave the Hotel and starting  the recording.

First station we go to mini hot  spring for foot, there are some  along the main street, it's so nice for us to relax after snowboarding or maybe after one day shopping, and also it's free of charge, just behind this hot spring there is a little museum where showing some very old car and bus, one of them is a  bus made by Isuzu at 1960 years, that bus still have a good condition and can be run still.  Inside we found some very old school toys, washing machines, posters, etc, it's so funny and please don't miss it when anyone come around here.

After the visit we go to the shopping mall where located at the Echigo-Yuzawa JR station, this mall just renewal about 6 months ago, there are many shops including food court, gifts shop, and one shop is crowed with people, all of them holding a small cup on hand, it's a sake shop, they allow the customers to taste difference kind of sakes and it just need 100 yen for each try by machine, there are over 100 sakes you can try, the shop have a popular ranking list near the entrance, it'll change every month, I follow the list to taste all the top five.........woooooh, it's really nice ........but i'm going to drunk @_@.

Niigata is very famous in production rice, so, best rice best sake everybody will agree with, there are total 96 sake factories in Niigata, it must have one kind you'll love it.
It's time to lunch, all we having meal in a shusi shop there, this's not a normal shusi shop, they mainly selling "Shusi Ball", and the ball have difference size, i found the medium one can enough for a adult........see my ball.

The meal finish ed we are going to the snowmobile school located at Yuzawa Central Park, it's one of the five snowmobile school in Japan, normally you can get the licence after 2 hours training by the instructors there. I get my motor bike licence when I was 18 years old, and I also have the jetski licence, it's really a good chance for me to try this. After the briefing by the instructor about the bike and show us how to operate it, we begin to drive by ourself in a beginner court, it just take five minutes I found I can handle it easy. Then we go to the main court and the area there is same as a football court, at last I drive really fast even go up and down the small slope, it's really fun and exciting, those 30 mins. trying just cost around HKD260, if you don't try this you must regret.

The last station today is our main aim here-snowboarding,  we go to GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort-one of the biggest resort in Niigata, it cover more then ten tracks and the highest point is 1,180 meters from the sea lever, the condition today is amazing, not only the powder snow, temperature -4 C degree and also the clear blue sky with sunshine, everything is so nice.........I'm loving it.

Dinner the same, Japanese restaurant, eating a lot because the food are really good and I have found out something about why the seafood are taste so good.........Niigata is behind the sea........so, the seafood are fresh, is it sample? Just take a look and you must understand!

At night we are living in a first-class hotel, The Naspa New Otani Hotel. The room is almost biggest then my home, and what i like most is thier hot
1.spring.........it's really nice, they have some Jacuzzi inside..........what a relaxation. ^_^

Chris Wong
Wakeboard Coach of HKWSA